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you can go rock climbing ..........................

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Q: Where can you go rock climbing in NZ?
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Where do you go rock climbing?

i think you can go rock climbing pretty much anywhere. You can go on a normal mountin that you have found or you could be on holiday were there are rocks. Even if you go to a rock climbing gym or club you can go there and get good at it and make It a living.

How much is rock climbing?

The price of rock climbing can depend upon where you go. To climb on actual rocks would be more expensive than climbing on man made rock walls.

What is the conduct for rock climbing?

the conduct of rock climbing is rock climbing

Is Michigan good for Rock climbing?

no go to colarado

Where can one find magazines about rock climbing?

One can go to a bookstore and locate magazines about rock climbing. One may find online periodicals about rock climbing using an educational online database (like Gale or JSTOR).

Is indoor rock climbing an extreme sport?

Indoor rock climbing is not a extreme sport. Outdoor rock climbing is

What is the name of rock climbing?

the name of rock climbing is rock climb the hm

Do you need a team when rock climbing?

When you are Rock Climbing competitively indoors you usually do, however if you just want to go for fun of course not! However if you are rock climbing outdoors you do not have a for say team but you should have at least one professional or certified climber in your group.

Where did the Kool-Aid Man go rock climbing?

mount rushmore

How would one go about hiring a portable climbing wall?

Various companies offer climbing walls for rent, including: Climb On, Rock Climbing Wall Hire, Climbing Wall Hire, Altitude Events, Mobile Rock, and Climb Hire.

Is the women climbing the rock in the Citibank Rock Climbing commercial really climbing the rock?

Probably not. She was probably dropped off by a helicopter.

Who founded rock climbing?

You can check the History of rock climbing in Wikipedia.