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Big Boys Playground in Harrisonburg allows off-road go-karts, like the Hammerhead GTS-150.

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Q: Where can you go off road go kart riding in Virginia?
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What is a dirt bike made for?

For riding off road not on the road

How fast does a 8.0 hp off road go kart go?


Dodge or Ford Diesel or gas for off road and mud riding Interior quality dependability and durability Which will take the roughness of off road best?

Ford Diesel is best for off road and mud riding given its interior quality, dependability and durability as compared to the Dodge Diesel.

How do humans off-riding the road affect the soil in a desert biome?

Riding off-road in a desert loosens the top layers of soil, sand and rock. This make it much more vulnerable to erosion with the next heavy rain.

What can a 15 year old drive legally ie anything with an engine?

Here in NY on the road, nothing. Off the road you can drive or ride a quad, dirtbike, minibike, go kart, pretty much anything off the road but nothing on the road.

Who made the first off road bike and when?

As long as there has been bikes, some people have been riding them off road. Mountainbiking started developing in the 1980s. Another off-road discipline, cyclocross, was established in the early 1900.

Can you operate an off road dirt bike with a suspended license?

Riding off-road on private property does not require a license - a driver's license is a license to drive on public roads.

What are the release dates for Art Mann Presents - 2005 'Bodatious' Off-Road in Virginia?

Art Mann Presents - 2005 'Bodatious' Off-Road in Virginia was released on: USA: 7 June 2012

How fast would a 5.5hp off road go kart go?

how fast will a 5.5hp go on a small gokart

What is mountain biking?

It's riding a heavy-ish bicycle with wide tyres off road.

What is an Off road motorcycle designed for riding cross country also device for encoding messages?


Riding a bicycle in poor light?

Not very advisable if you are riding off road because you may not be able to see stones or holes in your path. Along a road would be ok, but cars may not be aware of you in poor light

Riding a 49cc scooter in Virginia?

Extremely confusing laws and requirements. Seems each county/city may have a different definition in Northern Virginia. What I can tell, as long as you don't go over 35mph even if your scooter can, then you do not need M-class license, registration, or insurance. In general, I won't go on any road with a speed limit greater than 35mph anyways since most Virginia drivers watch way too much NASCAR and will, in a fit of need to speed, run your scooter off the road.

What causes a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo to just cut off while you are riding down the road?

1996 grand cherokee jeep 4x4 cuts off as if I switched it off going down the road. What could be the problem? Could it be a sensor or computer?

What are some good off road go kart brands that are sold for cheap?

yerf dog is a good brand and if u can find them cheap on craigslist.

What is off road biking?

Exactly what it sounds like - riding on tracks and trails out in nature.Its usually called mountain biking.

What is motorbike scrambling?

Scrambling is a term given to a specific motorbike type 'Scramblers'. These bikes are optomised for off road riding, generally have engines below 500cc, nobbly off road tires, deep suspension and off road styling. Google "scramblers", "offroad motorbikes" etc for more info. -Jvr

What is the best bicycle for asphalt and off road riding?

Either a hybrid or a cyclocross bike. Note that neither of those is meant for jumps and drops.

How much horsepower does a Suzuki rm85 have?

The Suzuki RM85 has about 28 horsepower with a stock engine and transmission. This bike is often used for off-road riding and jumping.

What is the American motorcyclist association?

The AMA is the largest and most influential motorcycling group in the US, It promotes riders rights, riding and racing. It sanctions road and off-road riding activities and oversees professional and amateur races. For more about this incredible group, for really relevant information and to get involved, follow the link.

Are the seven gates of hell really in Bedford Virginia?

they are on a road just off of route 666 by the church at the intersection of 122

What is the best car in Mario Kart?

the best kart in Mario kart is either the wild wing, the tiny titan,or the off roader.(depends on who you are being)

How do you get good traction on a dirt bike?

if your riding off-road let some air out of your tires i run about 8 or 10 if that dosent work get a softer tire

What is downhill mountain biking?

It's riding a rugged, full suspension mountainbike downhill off road. Pretty much the bicycling equivalent of downhill skiing.

Is a 4-wheeler an orv?

If you intend on riding it down trails on state land. ORV is just an off road vehicle and some states require a ORV licence.