Best Answer They have about 35 packages left for the 2009 World Junior Hockey Championship in Ottawa. Select the final 6 games package or the Round Robin oackage, or go with the complete 17 game package, but hurry! Quantities are getting low and this is a sold-out event.

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Q: Where can you get tickets for the world junior hockey championship?
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When was the world junior hockey championship founded?

the hockey world junior championship was founded in 1974.

Where can you buy hockey tickets for the 2008 World Junior Hockey Championships in the Czech Republic?

The 2008 World Jr hockey Championship has come and gone with Canada winning Gold vs Sweden.

When was the first world junior hockey championship?


Where is the 2013 world junior hockey championship?

Ufa, Russia

What is the World Junior hockey Championship officially known as?

IIHF WORLD U20 CHAMPIONSHIP (For the previous responder, the Calder Trophy is awarded annually to the NHL rookie of the year and has nothing to do with the IIHF or junior hockey.)

Where was the first world junior hockey championship tournament held?

Canada i think

Who won the World Junior Hockey Championship in 2012?

The winner of the World Junior Hockey Championship of 2012 was Sweden defeating Russia 1-0 in overtime. This was their first win in 31 years. The tournament was hosted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Which two Canadian cities will be co-hosting the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship in 2015 and 2017?

There are two specific Canadian cities that will be co-hosting the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship in 2015 and 2017. These two cities are Toronto and Montreal.

Where was the first tournament of world junior hockey championship held?

Canada i think but who gives a f**k about it

Did Sidney Crosby play for Canada world junior hockey?

yes he did...he was pwnage also, and he won the 2nd championship for Canada.

When was Hockey Junior World Cup created?

Hockey Junior World Cup was created in 1979.

When was World Junior Chess Championship created?

World Junior Chess Championship was created in 1951.