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you can get it at cheer leading web site they have cheer uniforms their.

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The Varsity or YSS

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Q: Where can you get the cheer uniforms from Bring it on?
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What is a name of a store that sells cheer leading uniforms?

Ann Summers

Why don't level 3 cheerleaders wear crop uniforms?

becuase after this year all cheer teams have to have full body uniforms

How do you find school cheer uniforms? for cheap prices like 14.99

How much money does cheer vibe uniforms cost?

well it depends what team check out cheer vibe website and you always can fund-raise

What was the cheer captains name in bring it on?


What are some cheer competition movies?

"Bring it on" movie series

Are uniforms a necessity for school and offices?

Uniforms are not a necessity in schools and offices. But, uniforms do, sometimes, bring about a sense of unity and they also show your participation in the school or office.

Can you bring your Canadian flag to the Beijing olyimpic games?

You can bring a flag to any Olympic game. Bring a flag and cheer athletes on.

What is the movie that the cheer leaders watch in fired up the movie?

bring it on :)

What bring it on movie has rihanna?

Rhianna stars in Bring it on all or nothing. She holds a contest for the best cheer group...

What are the best quality cheer uniforms?

The best quality "stock" or "semi stock" cheer uniforms are manufacturered by Alleson Athletic. One of Alleson's main team sports distributors is XO Sports and I buy my squads gear their every year! great group of guys who really know their stuff! Great Gear from a great company. XO Sports 866-496-4327 I've been through a lot of uniforms and i really like GK and Spirit Innovations. Also Broadway Cheer and the Sew Factory have pretty good quality

Can you list the names of the cheer leaders in the movie bring it on in it to win it?

Carson and brook