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The top-of-the-line starting block is the Omega OSB11. Omega timing products are manufactured by Swiss Timing and are the 'gold standard' in competitive swimming equipment. For example, the OSB11 is the starting block used in FINA meets such as the Olympics and USA Swimming meets such as National Championships and the U.S. Open. It comes in a simple version and also a more complex version that includes "relay break detection" which can detect false starts in both the beginning of a race and also at the point of exchange between relay swimmers. To find out where to purchase Omega swimming equipment, including blocks, touch pads, starting systems, high speed cameras, scoreboard displays, and much more, go to the Swiss Timing website's products page.

However, there are many types of starting blocks. Some of them have the ability to incorporate starting/timing systems into the blocks themselves (such as horns and flash bulbs in the individual blocks to allow synchronized starts from all lane positions). There are also differences in terms of the placement of steps and handles and the surface and construction materials. Some blocks accomodate rear foot anchors for swimmers using track starts. Some have side handles for swimmers using handle starts. Some are just basic blocks with a platform and backstroke starting bar. Obviously, the more bells and whistles you desire, the more expensive the blocks will be. They can run from hundreds of dollars per block to thousands per block.

Besides Omega, there are very good starting blocks from the following sample of companies:

-Spectrum Aquatics

-Paragon Aquatics


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Q: Where can you get starting blocks for school swimming pools?
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