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You should be able to get them at any sporting goods store. Probably you want 3/8" spikes, because on most high jump shoes the spikes are recessed into the platform-like bottom of the shoe. You'd probably trip if they were longer and you wouldn't want anything longer than that on any decent high jump surface. Make sure you put the heel spikes in, because they help you get a more secure plant when you take off. Take it from a 7'1" high jumper-just so you know your source is credible.

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One can get replacement shoe spikes from the following retailers: eBay, Everything Track and Field, First to the Finish, Amazon, Dick Sporting Goods, Sweat Shop, The Sand Trap.

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Q: Where can you get replacement spikes for your high jump shoes?
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How is modern Olympic high jump different to ancient high jump?

they have different bars and mats and also the athletes wear spikes on their shoes. Back then they diddn't have spikes on their shoes US Athlete Dick Fosbury was no flop......

Where can you buy high jump spikes in Australia online?

Amazon is super convenient as long as you know you size in Ameerican Men's shoes

What field event do the athletes wear spiked shoes that have spikes in the heels?

There are spiked heels in javelin boots and on the take-off shoe in high jump.

What is the difference between track shoes and high jump shoes?

Well, I don't have experience with these specific types of shoes, but I do have several years of working in retail shoe stores, so will take an educated guess on this one. Most likely, track shoes are geared towards running, so will be slightly curved to aid in the running motion, will have soles that grip the ground, and will have cushioning mainly in the heels to absorb the shock of running. High jump shoes are probably more flexible to accommodate the motion of jumping, and probably have cushioning at the ball of the feet, to absorb shock upon landing, which most likely occurs at the ball of the foot.

List all the equipment for track and field?

Spikes/Running Shoes Track Shot Put Discus Javelin Hammer throw Sand Pit- for Long Jump and triple jump Landing pads for high jump and pole vault Hurdles baton for relays starting block for sprinters

What are some of the benefits of using jump shoes for exercise?

Benefits of wearing jump shoes range from burning off calories quicker, strengthening of the legs, and increases how high we can jump.

Do you need track spikes for high jump?

Since you are standing on concrete and no running is involved, I would highly recommend NOT doing it. It ruins your spikes and your technique, not to mention the sound the spikes make. There are throwing shoes designed specifically for different techniques, they usually have thick rubber and curved sides on the bottom for smoother throwing.

How high can you jump on Tramp-it shoes?

for kids i would say about 11 or 12 in

Do basketball shoes make you jump high?

yes it does but not always depends what kind you have

Why do Pakis jump so high?

its because they have really bouncy springs in their shoes

Best triple jump shoe to wear?

you can usually get good spikes specifically for triple jump, look on google and find some spikes their, it should tell you if they are specific to triple jump.

What are the spikes after the ramp on a ski jump for?

To mark the distance