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See this website where you will find information on some vintage pennants. Pictures, Dates, Value etc.

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Q: Where can you find the value of an old baseball pennant?
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Where can you find information about a St. Louis Cardinals pennant?

St. Louis Cardinals Pennant ValueTo find out what your Cardinals pennant is worth we have to first determine a number of factors. What Year was the pennant made? Is the Pennant from a championship year? Condition is important. On average a St. Louis Cardinals pennant will sell for anywhere between $25.00 - $50.00 pre 1970s, and as low as $10. to $25. after that. A 1950s Signature pennant can sell as high as $150.00. A pennant with a popular players name like Stan Musial on it will increase the value as will if it is from a championship year. A pennant with the old Busch Stadium would also be more collectible. And like everything else supply and demand will determine the price. Condition is always Key.For more information see related Links below

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What is the history of the 'pennant'?

My recollection of a book I read once and found hysterical is that this tradition goes way, way back, to baseball in the 1880s. In a old, old book by a man named Richter called "History and Record of Base Ball" I distinctly remember reading that in the rules drawn up by one of the old baseball leagues, (it may have been the National Association of Base Ball Clubs) one of the decrees suggested something to the effect that part of the moneys collected by the league would go towards the purchasing of a championship "streamer", which was to be given to the club that won the championship and flown outside their home field for the next season. Whether or not this is the first record of a flag/pennant/streamer being used as an award for the best team, I'm not sure. It is a tough book to find but certainly a great one if you are interested in the game's history.

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Baseball signed by many old players how do you find the worth?

Old Players Multi Signed BaseballThe baseball you have is a multi signed baseball, and could be a team signed baseball as well. You need to list the names that appears on the ball, and figure out if the signatures are from a team, or just Random signatures. If it is team signed you then have to figure what year the baseball is from.The value of multi signed baseballs cannot be priced by the value of each signature added up. Multi signed baseballs are valued as a group of signatures, and how desired that group is as a whole. This does not necessarily mean that two signatures will sell for less than one, but in most cases it does, or at least not the full value of the two signatures added up.Once you figure out what you have you could find the value using a price guide, or find closed auctions on line that are compatible to your ball.

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