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  1. at the sport stacking cupsstore...
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Q: Where can you find sport stacking cups?
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What is the sport for stacking cups called?

The sport for stacking cups is called Sport Stacking. This sport is said to begin in 1990 on The Tonight Show. The earliest competition was held in 1998 in Oceanside, California. The governing body of the sport is known as the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA).

Where can you buy speed stacks? is the leader in sport stacking and the offical cups of the wssa (world sport stacking association) these are the only cups that can be used in wssa competitions in which offical records are set. Current world records for sport stacking can be found at

What type of sport uses speed stacks?

Speed stacks are used in a sport called sport stacking, which involves the stacking of plastic cups in pyramids in the shortest possible period of time.

What are the cheapest speed stacks?

Speed stacks are the official cups of the wssa (world sport stacking association) current prices can be found at In my opinion, speed stacks are the best 'cup stacking' cups out there. They are the only ones that can be used in wssa competitions. Current world records for sport stacking can be found at

When was the sport of speed stacking created?

Speed stacking is a sport requiring high dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The purpose is to stack a group of cups into a specific design (often a sort of pyramid) as quickly as possible. The sport was created by Wayne Godinet in 1985.

Where can you get sport stacking?


Is Stacking a sport?

Yes, it is an indivual and team sport

How tall was the world's tallest stack of plastic cups?

There is no record that I know of such. Current world records for sport stacking can be found at

Is stacking milk crates a sport?


Who has the fastest hands in the world?

Steven Purugganan for speed stacking in sport stacking

When was sport stacking invented?

It was invented when bored country folks started stacking hay bales in an enclosed area, barn, and then trying to do it as fast as possible and under pressure from others stacking. People love to stack things. We stack coins on our forearms and try to catch the coins with same arm. We have stores that celebrate our human need to stack things and rearrange things. The invention of the Red Solo Cup and usage increase in the 1970's the picnic tables became the new sport of cup stacking in a timed or patterned theme. Depending on the number of cups or the time duration the stacking sport became a formal competition. Stacking was a low level way of having a non-sport/sport moment without the worry of injury. The stacking is, however, a skill that needs practice and continued competition or the sport becomes just a kid with a bunch of red solo cups and too much time.

How many cups are there in each speed stacking case?

Speed Stack cups come in sets of 12. There are no cases, but the Sport PAck package comes with either 15 or 30 sets of cups, so either 180 cups or 360 cups.

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