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Google images

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Q: Where can you find some cheerleading jumps pictures?
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What are some cheerleading jumps and how do you do them?

PikeHerkyHurdlerStar jumpToe touchtuck.around the world

How many people have gotten hurt doing jumps doing cheerleading?

TMTC (Too many to count). Watch You Tube for some videos of cheerleading bloopers.

What are some cheerleading competition pictures?

go on Google and type in xtreme spirit and go on the website and they will have a link to competition pictures and that's where u view them

How can you get better cheerleading jumps I want to get them Hyperextend but not sure how is there some kind of stretch or exercise that will help?

I am a cheerleader who has been in your place, wanting to get better jumps. so what I did was some research on the internet and I found a great site that will awnser all of your questions! the site is: Miss.cheerleader

Why is cheerleading fun to do?

Many people think it is fun! However people think it's stupid! But, that isn't what Cheerleading is. Cheerleading is fun, not stupid! Cheerleading is fun because you get to meet new people, have school spirit, compete in competitions, learn a lot of cheers and dances and stunts and jumps. And though some cheerleaders just do it for the attention and outfits, most like to do it for themselves and just the joy of cheerleading itself. Hope this helped!

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You Can Find Pictures Of Harry Hill On Google......

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Where is some cheerleading auditions?

If you are looking for cheerleading auditions in New Jersey it will be by a cheerleading store. If your looking for cheerleading auditions in another state it will be bye a sports center or also a cheerleading store.

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You can find it at

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Why did the UCLA make cheerleading a sport?

The definition of a sport is: an activity with rules or customs engaged in competitively. Lately, a lot of colleges and high schools are making cheerleading a sport. Why? Because cheerleading is very much a sport. Cheerleading started as just a way to get the crowd going to cheer on the other atheletes, but as time has progressed, cheerleadiers have found that jumps, stunts, and even advanced tumbling can be incorporated into cheers and dances. Cheerleaders have demanding practice scedules and some cheerleaders even have to work out at local weight rooms. In some ways, cheerleading is more a sport than football.

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