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Download a clip of an Undertaker match and when he rolls his eyes back make a screenshot. Download a clip of an Undertaker match and when he rolls his eyes back make a screenshot.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-25 22:22:35
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Q: Where can you find pictures of the Undertaker with his eyes rolled back?
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How do you roll eyes back like undertaker?

you look up and keep rolling your eyes

What should you do if someone rolled their eyes at your joke?

I'd roll them back. They might need them.

Why did my dogs eyes roll back in head was drooling and non responsive?

he likes the undertaker

What does it mean when I look at a girl and she rolls her eyes at me?

The girl could have rolled her eyes at you because she does not like you. Or she could have rolled her eyes at you because she likes you but does not want you to know.

Where can you see pictures of a shooting star tattoo on the lower back?

that depends. do you have eyes?

What color are undertaker's eyes?

Undertakers eyes are blue but he can roll them all the way back into his head so only white is showing. He does this when entering the ring and after he wins.

How do you roll your eyes back like undertaker?

The easiest way to do this, is to simply just look up and close your eyes then open them but continue to think about looking up!

What colour is the undertaker's eyes?

Blue or Brown

How does the undertaker do that thing with his eyes?

every one cap do it.just look up to your skull then look back to ur brain

Does it hurt the undertaker when he rolls his eyes?

I doubt it, or he wouldn't do it.

My body went stiff my eyes rolled back into head my body was shaking silva out of mouth and I don't remember anything when it happened?

You had a seizure.

What can you do about a pit bull puppy who stressed herself out and her eyes are blood shot and rolled back?

Take her to a vet as soon as possible. She could be in shock.

How does the undertaker put his eyes white?

he closes his eyes andthen looks up as far as he can, holds the position then opens his eyes

How does the undertaker rolls his eyes?

even i can do it its not hard the only thing u have to do is roll your eyes up try its easy

What color eyes does Nancy kerrigan have?

From pictures, it looks as if her eyes are brown.

What are undertaker's turnbuckle moves?

Snake Eyes This is Usually followed by a Big Boot

How does the undertaker put his eyes behind his head?

He just rolls his eyes up above his eyelids, by continuing to look up.

Is undertaker a bad guy?

If you mean "heel" then no when you look at it undertaker never attacks anyone who doesn't deserve it in the eyes of the WWE universe so no he isn't.

Pictures of sense organs of the body?


What is the purpose of your eyes?

Your eyes are like a wonderful kind of camera.They take pictures of the world around you and send the pictures to your brain. Your brain works out what your eyes are seeing. This happens from the moment that you open your eyes in the morning to when you close your eyes at night.

What color were Edwin Hubble's eyes?

His eyes seemed brown in the color pictures.

What does this idiom mean 'eyes rolled into your head'?

It's just a vivid description for eyes rolling upwards until the white part shows.

What coulor of eyes has justinbieber got?

he has a light brown eyes ., try to look at his pictures

How do you use disdain in a sentence?

"I spat on his grave in disdain." "I rolled my eyes and turned away in disdain."

When one is close to death do the eyes roll upwards?

The undertaker does it all the time and he is still alive!