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Q: Where can you find pictures of Washington Redskins players?
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How do you find a list of replacement players and 2nd or 3rd string players for the 1987 Washington Redskins?

Click on the '1987 Washington Redskins' link below to see the roster along with games played and stats. Any name on the roster that is proceded by a caret (^) donotes a replacement player.

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Did the 1987 Washington Redskins replacement players receive Super Bowl rings?

No. In fact, replacement RB Wilson was suing Skins for not getting a ring (that's as of 1990. Can't find any information as to settlement of his suit). A few replacement players did get rings, but they were the ones who remained with Skins after the strike; thus, they were no longer considered "replacement players". Replacement players did get winner's shares checks for NFC Championship Game and for Super Bowl, though.

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it's been taking me forever to try and find it. but the closest I've got is the Washington Redskins. that's not a fact but I'm going to look a little deeper into it.

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