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Q: Where can you find instant message screen names for WWE wrestlers and is Trish Stratus' stratusfaction223?
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Instant messaged.

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if you sign into hotmail and get some e mail addresses you can instant message there

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PM stands for private or personal message. PM and IM "instant message" are terms used interchangeably. Sending a private message and sending an instant message are the same. Messaging programs use different termonalogy for instant messaging.

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Yes. If someone with an iPod had yahoo messenger, or something else like that, you can instant message them.

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You can't.

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writing an instant message

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The cast of Instant Message - 2011 includes: Debbie McAlister as Julie Gary Olinghouse as Stephen

What do the letters 'IM' mean?

'IM' can stand for a variety of things depending on the context. It commonly stands for 'Instant Messaging' in the digital communication realm or can represent 'Individual Medley' in sports, referring to a swimming event that includes all four styles.