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Q: Where can you find blank bats with players names engraved for autographing?
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What is the only major trophy to have the names of players and coaches engraved on it?

Stanley Cup

Are the names of the people who died in the french war engraved on the arc de triomphe?

No. The names engraved in the Arc are the names of battles or the names of general officers who fought them. Names of the French casualties are engraved in the monuments you find in each and every French village or town.

How many names are engraved on the Eiffel tower?

72 names

How many names are engraved on the Stanley Cup?

The names of all the players on the team, coaches, and management grace the surface of the Stanley Cup. When more space is needed another ring is added to the bottom of the cup. It takes 13 years for a ring to be completely filled. Once this happens they remove a upper ring and put it on display in the NHL Hall of Fame.

What are the names engraved on the tower?

The question doesn't explain which tower and where is is located.

Where can I buy wedding champagne glasses that are personalized with the bride and groom's names?

You can visit your local Things Engraved store. Stores are located in most shopping malls. You can choose to purchase glasses from them or bring your own and have the names engraved on them.

What is listed on the inside of the arc de triomphe walls?

On the inside walls of the Arc are engraved the names of the decivive battles, and of the officers, of the wars fought by the French armies under the revolution and the fist Empire. 660 officer names and 128 battles are engraved. The underlined names are those of officers who died in action.

What is the significance of the 72 names engraved in the Eiffel?

a tribute gesture from gustave Eiffel to the world of scientists

Names of all Stanford baseball players 2010?

What are the names of all Stanford baseball players in 2010

What animal is engraved on the veterans memorial wall?

The animal engraved on the veterans memorial wall is an eagle. They are bronze sculptures of the eagles and the names of the veterans.

What was the names of the 4 prospectors who founded the Calico Ghost Mine?

It is blank

What are the players names?

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