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Google Andy Roddick; he has the fastest serve right now at 157 (I think) mph. It might be on a tape or CD of the tournament he accomplished it in.

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Q: Where can you find a video of the world's fastest tennis serve that is not on YouTube?
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Which tennis player recorded the worlds fastest serve in 2004?

Andy roddick

Who holds fastest table tennis serve?

Aaron Savannah

Fastest recorded service speed of a tennis ball?

The fastest ever serve recorded; 251 Km/h, was by Ivo Karlovic.

The fastest measured speed of a ball in the game jai-alai is In men's tennis the fastest recorded serve was Which is faster?


Who recorded Fastest tennis serve in the world?

The fastest 1st serve was recorded by Andy Roddick at 155 MPH (248KPH), the fastest second serve is also held by Andy Roddick at 153 MPH (245 KPH). In the women's game the fastest serve is held by Venus Williams at 129 MPH (206 KPH).

Who holds the record of the fastest table tennis serve?

I held by a guy called Aaron Savannah.

Sam Querreys average tennis serve speed?

It is hard to determine what the average speed of a tennis serve is from various players, but Sam Qurrey is among the fastest serves of all time. He has recorded a serve of 141 miles per hour at multiple events.

Fastest female tennis serve?

Venus Williams 2007 US Open 129 Mph or 208 km/h

What is the speed of the fastest men's tennis serve ever recorded on clay?

Andy Roddick 153 mph June 11 2004

What is the fastest serve ever recorded in the Wimbledon championships?

The fastest serve ever recorded at the Wimbledon Championships was 148 mph, achieved by Taylor Dent in 2010.

What is the fastest non-mechanical sport?

The fastest non-mechanized sport in the world is ski racing or speed skiing. Second would be a tennis serve. The speeds reached in speed skiing are approximately 162 mph, and 262 kph

Fastest serve women?

no, Andy roddick holds the record with a serve of 153mph. venus Williams holds the womens with 127mph.