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The Pro Football Reference website and the Football Database have full rosters.

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Q: Where can you find a rooter for the 1981 New England Patriots?
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Where can you find the 1981 team roster with ther numbers on the uniforms for the New England Patriots?

The roster for the 1991 New England Patriots can be found at pro football reference dot com. See related link below.

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Where can the season's schedule for the American Football team The New England Patriots be found?

If you go to the website for the New England Patriots you can find all kinds of information about the team. One of these is the schedule for the games for this season.

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What was the New England Patriots roster in 2005? This is a link to where you can find it

Where do you find old New England patriot rosters?

Whatever year you're looking for type in that year then New England Patriots roster. You can definitely find them on Wikipedia and also Pro Football Reference or Football Database.

Where can you find replica New England Patriots super bowl rings?

I have the 2001 seasons rings. Call me or text me 727 831 7287

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Where to find Patriots football coloring pages?

Who are the four quarterbacks on preseason roster in 1999 for the New England Patriots?

The three quarterbacks (couldn't find a fourth) on the Patriots 1999 preseason roster were:Drew BledsoeJohn FrieszMichael Bishop (rookie)

What Purdue player played for the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots and has 3 Super Bowl rings?

Rosevelt Colvin attended Purdue, was drafted by the Bears and was signed by the Patriots as a free agent. However, he only has two Super Bowl rings. That's the closest match I can find.

Will the New England Patriots go undefeated in 2007?

Regular season over: Yes, they went undefeated. Now, lets see what happens in the playoffs. As of 12/23/2007 the Patriots are 15-0 and, according to Bill Belicheck the Patriots head coach, they will not be sitting their starters in the season finale against the New York Giants. The Giants have clinched the 5th playoff spot in the NFC and must play a wild card game which infers that Giant's head coach Tom Coughlin may rest his starters thus providing an easy road to 16-0 for the New England Patriots. Will the Patriots go undefeated through the playoffs? We're all going to have to watch and find out.

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