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Click on the 'Olympic Games Host Cities' link on this page and scroll down about 3/4 of the way to find the host cities of all Olympic Games dating back to 1896.

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Q: Where can you find a list of the Olympic Games and their host cities?
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Why were the olympic games given to cities and not countries?

because some countries have more major cities that could host than others

Have Singapore held the Olympic games?

No, Singapore has never been host of an Olympic Games.

Who chooses the next host for the olympic games and how?

The IOC has a bid in which cities apply and the IOC announces the wining city about seven years before the Olympics are held there.

When did Britain last host the Olympic Games?

In 1964

In what year did Rome host the Olympic Games?


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How do the countries get to host the Olympic games?

Cities apply for the spot, then the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) takes a handful of those cities as candidates. Then from those cities the I.O.C. votes for one city to hold the Olympic Games.

All of the cities in Australia or newzealand to host the olympic games?

Australia has hosted the Summer Olympics twice ... 1956 in Melbourne and 2000 in Sydney. New Zealand have never host an Olympic Games.

Why was London chosen to host the olympic games?

Different cities put forward proposals including why they think they should host the games, how it would benefit the host city and host country and how effective would the hosts be. Then an international olympic committee decided on London

How are the olympic places chosen?

Every two years, cities around the world make bids to the International Olympic Commission (IOC) to host the Olympic Games.

Why were the olympic games given to cities and not countries?

because some countries have more major cities that could host than others

Who chooses the next host for the olympicgames and how?

Cities interested in hosting the Olympic Games submit a bid to the International Olympic Committee. The bids are evaluated by the committee who then makes the choice of the host city.

Why was stratford chosen for 2012 Olympics?

Olympic host cities are chosen by the Olympic Committee. Cities that want to host the game submit a proposal which the committee examines, and based on a long list of criteria, selects the one they believe is best suited to host the games. Statford was a good place to choose for the Olympics because it is spacious and it has a n effiecient transport system. Read more: Why was stratford chosen for 2012 Olympics

What are the four candidate cities to host the 2016 summer olympic games?

Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro

What is the host city of 2012 Olympic games?

London, United Kingdom is the host city of the 2012 Olympic Games.

How often does London host the Olympic Games?

Olympic games in London: 1908, 1948, 2012. Cities are selected and voted on. This is the third time London has hosted the games in over 100 years. They might never host them again or sooner than the 58 years since previous hosting of the games in 1948.

Did Pakistan host the Olympic games?


Which was the first us city to host the olympic summer games?

Seoul was the first city to host the Summer Olympic Games. In 1806.