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Q: Where can you find a list of players who played for providence reds?
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How do you find a list of replacement players for the Oakland Raiders in 1987?

Click on the '1987 Raiders Roster' link below to see a list of players that played for the Raiders in 1987. All players whose names are preceeded by a caret (^) were replacement players.

How can you find out the names of the players on the nebraska volleyball team?

If you go to you should find a list of all the players.

How many constituencies are there in the new providence?

list the constituent and representative in new providence

How do you find a specific person on Halo 3?

There are multiple ways to find a specific person. The easiest way to find someone is to go to the recent players list, by accessing you Xbox Live Menu. Here, there is a list of the last 100 matched players. Another method is by going to your Friends List and entering their Gamer tag into add friend. This way if you have never played with this person or they dropped out of the recent players list, you can still contact them.

Where can I find a list of all the Manchester United players who have played while Sir Alex Ferguson has been manager?

You may have to go to the Manchester United website and find out.

Where can you find a list of record holding players?

its easy search on wekepedia

What players have not played for both Celtic and Rangers?

You need to add a list of players to your question, or it doesn't make sense.

Where can one find a list of jobs in Providence?

There are many possible locations one can go when looking to find a job in Providence. In addition to a local employment office, one might also try searching the Monster website.

List players of Greek descent that play or have played in the NHL?

Tom Kostopoulos

Who played the Trombone?

You want a list of all trombone players? Not gonna happen.

List the major league players who never played in the minors?

Dave Winfield

Who are the best players on football manager handheld 2010?

You can find a list of different players at for all your teams.

Who are the Glasgow Rangers players who have signed for Man United?

To find the Glasgow Rangers players that have signed for Man United you would have to compare past players list for each team. There is not a list online that answers this question.

Is there a list of players for Match Attex Extra 2009?

There is yes you need to do some surfing on the internet and you wil find the list.

How do you find players of the 1940s who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Click on the 'Pittsburgh Steelers' link underneath this answer to see a list of players for the Steelers and what jersey number they wore. Next to the players name, in parenthesis, is the year or years that the player played for the Steelers. If the value within parenthesis is something like (40-44) or (48), that means the player played for the Steelers in the 1940s.

What are the release dates for Dean's List - 2002 Mr- Providence College Pageant?

Dean's List - 2002 Mr- Providence College Pageant was released on: USA: 14 November 2005

Where do you find a list of the New Zealand Olympians?

Where can you find a list of recently deceased football personalities?

Try googleing dead football players

How many players from Penn State have played in the NFL?

For a list of current and former NFL players, as well as in other leagues see the related link.

List of all the Sikh players who played from England cricket team?

Monty Panesar and Ravi Bopara

List of common players that played for the islanders and rangers?

Does a former ranger player have a son named earl

Where can a list of attorneys be found in the providence area?

"There are several websites to help you find a reputable attorney in the providence area. For example, the Rhode Island Bar Association maintains a list of all attorneys licensed to practice in Rhode Island and can refer you to an attorney by specialty (family law, real estates, etc.)."

Where can you find a list of players who have joined Liverpool FC since 2003?

On the website On the website

National players who have played for one of the Premier League clubs?

A total of 1,178 foreign born players have played in the Premier League, most of them Internationals with their home National Team. Far to many to list.

Is there a list of English born players in premeirship?

It is possible that someone somewhere has compiled a list of English players.