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Any country club that has a caddy program.

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Q: Where can you find a caddy job?
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Where can you find a job as a golf caddy?

At almost every country club.

What character trait does Dexter establish when he quits his caddy job?

In Winter Dreams, the character of Dexter is a caddy for a local golf player. After he quits his caddy job, he begins to show a character trait of obsession with Judy.

Where can you find the caddy in gta vice city?

You can get Caddy by cheat 'betterthanwalking' .You can also get caddy from the golf course.

When does Dexter quit his caddying job and why?

He quits the job because of Judy Jones. It is when he had to caddy for her.

What kind of job did Tiger Woods do?

was a caddy

What kinds of things does one have to do as a golf caddy?

A golf caddy's primary job is to carry and protect the golfer's clubs. Additionally, the caddy is sometimes called upon for advice on club selection, reads, and more.

What kind of job can you make 750 a week?

golf caddy

Where can a 13-year-old in Massachusetts get a high-paying job?

be a caddy

What would you expect to find in a caddy?

Tea leaves. Loose tea is stored in a tea-caddy.

What job can you get at the age of 12?

Check with your local country club about becoming a caddy.

You want a job you are 12 where can you get a job?

You can work at a golf course as a caddy. If you want a slightly more interesting job than a golf caddy, you might be able to get a job as a delivery person, but you might have to wait until your fourteen or fifteen. You can always work around the house for your parents, wash the windows, clean the floor, stuff like that.

What is the minimum age to get a job in CT?

You can get a job when you are 14 in CT. The jobs you can do and the hours you can work are restricted. You can work as a golf caddy, in hotels or motels and at camps.

Oil is to what as tea is to caddy?

What is to sty as horse is to stable

What training does a caddy need?

If you call a local golf course that has a caddy program, they will sign you up for three to four days of caddy lessons where you will be taught how to caddy by the caddy master, or assistant golf pro. Then you'll take a test and depending on your score youll become an offical caddy.

Who is Caddy from Saffys Angel?

Caddy is Saffy's older sister.

Where can one find information on VW Caddy pickups?

One can find some information on VW Caddy Pickups on Wickepedia, though a better source might be the World Car Fans website. The VW Vortex and GoMotors are also good informational sites.

What rhymes with daddy?

Caddy, laddie.MaddyCaddy

What is the duration of The Caddy?

The duration of The Caddy is 1.58 hours.

How do you use caddy in a sentence?

My golf caddy carries my clubs.I keep loose leaf tea in a caddy.

How do you put yourself out there as a caddie and get a few gigs?

The best thing to do is start caddying on the mini tours. This way you will get to learn the job, and get experience of tournament play. Then if your player gets good you may get to play on the bigger tours, and maybe even get spotted as a great caddy and you could get asked by a better player to caddy for them. Unless you know a tour player there is no way you can really just walk into the job. You would have to spend quite a few years caddying before you get to caddy at the big events.

Who did the soundtrack for who's your caddy?

who yo caddy is da shyt ma nig who yo caddy is da shyt ma nig

Great How do I apply to become a golf caddy?

how do i apply to become a golf caddy in bearpath how do i apply to become a golf caddy in bearpath

When was The Caddy created?

The Caddy was created on 1953-08-10.

When was Peter Caddy born?

Peter Caddy was born in 1917.

When did Peter Caddy die?

Peter Caddy died in 1994.