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Baseball-reference would probably be a good place to look. would be a good place, too. That site has rosters that go back to the beginning of the National League.

go to the link below baseball

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Q: Where can you find a baseball team roster from the 1950's?
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How many men are on a baseball team?

each baseball team has a 40 man roster

What is a 'Non Roster Invitee' in baseball?

A non Roster Invitee is a Major League Baseball that is under contract but isn't part of a team's 25-man roster or 40-man roster.

Where can you find the 1978 football team roster for University of Missouri?

Click on the '1978 Missouri Football Roster' link below to see the roster of the team.

What was the roster of the 1968 USC baseball team?

tom seaver

How many baseball players travel on the playoff team?

HOw many baseball players not on playoff roster travel with team?

How many players form a baseball team?

There are nine players in a baseball team. (Note the roster may be bigger).

What was the team roster for 1993 Michigan basketball team?

find it yourself

Who was on the 1964 St. Louis Cardinal baseball team roster?

Link to complete roster for the 1964 Cardinals below

How many people on as baseball team?

25 people on the active roster

How many pro baseball players per team roster?


How many palyers are in baseball team?

In major-league baseball there are two rosters the 25 man roster and the 40 man roster. The 25 man roster are the players that are playing for the team and the ones that dress for the games. The 40 man roster are the players that are singed to a major-league contract for that team. They can be called up to replace any player on the 25 man roster at any time.

What was the roster for the 1980 US Olympic baseball team?

1984 wa s the first baseball olympics there wasnt an 80 team

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