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Zero,Blind,Element,Sugar skate, Toy machine, Birdhouse, Enjoi, Bullet, real, hook ups, black label, plan B, Baker, Creature, Citystars,Cliche, Flip, stead ham, PGK, world industries, girl, santa cruz, darkstar, almost, premium, finesse, antihero, 1031, traffix, alien workshop, habitat, zoo york, creation, sk8mafia, stereo, shut, krooked, powell, habitat, chocolate, blitz, LIB, 5boroNYC, ATM, blue print, DGK, expedition one, foundation, mystery, organika, popwar, staab, zero, ATEAM, foundation, pig, reliance, siren, lucero

There are more but I dont know them

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Q: Where can you find a Tech Deck checklist?
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Where can one find examples of Tech Deck tricks?

One can find examples of tech deck tricks on the 'Tech Deck' website. There are also a number of demonstration videos for tech deck on YouTube. One simply has to enter tech deck into the search bar there.

Where can you find a list of all Tech Deck dudes?

tech deck dude official website

Where do you find blind ied out Tech Deck with gold truck?

I got it yesterday, it came in a single blind tech deck.

Do all Tech Decks have the Tech Deck logo in the same place?

No they do not normally the tech deck logo would be in the middle ,But about last year in October a tech deck came out with it on the top of the back bolts. You can find tech decks like this rarely.

How much is the tech deck megaramp?

If you look up 'tech deck megaramp' on eBay you should find megaramps for under $50.00

Where is old Tech Deck dudes?

You can usually find some rare tech deck dudes of Ebay or Amazon.

Where can you find Tech Deck boards?

You can find them at target toyrus Walgreen's for $3.50

Where can i buy blackriver Tech Deck ramps at i can't find them at the store?

the only place you can get blackriver ramps are at but you can get tech deck stuff at target

Where to find the rarest Tech Deck?

u can find rare ones on amazon or ebay.

Where can I find the number on a Tech Deck Dude?

I think somewhere or on there butt.

Where can you find a rare Bam Margera Element Tech Deck?

You may be able to find a rare Bam Margera Element Tech Deck through online marketplaces such as eBay or collector forums. You could also check with specialty skate shops or attend skateboarding events or conventions where collectors may be trading or selling rare decks.

How do you spot a fake tech deck?

You can spot if a tech deck is fake when it does not have the grip tape, and if there are pictures on both sides of your tech deck.