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In Scarborough it's channel 395

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Q: Where can you find RSO-1. What tv channel is it broadcast on?
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In what country does More 4 broadcast?

The channel More 4 is a digital television channel in the United Kingdom, it is a sub-channel of the British public-service television broadcast Channel 4.

What channel is 4kidstv on with dish network?

You can go to 4KidsTV's website to find the channel where you can watch these programs in your area. There is a link on the right of the screen View the TV Schedule and Find Your Channel. From this link you can find the channel and programs with times it is broadcast.

What channel is me tv on dish?

If the area in which you receive your broadcast matters, then in the Los Angeles area it is on Channel 20. It is considered a "local" channel in each broadcast area and Also part-time and Weekdays part of In Country Television

Which waveband is used to broadcast tv programmes?

Channel 2 (54mhz) to channel 69 in the US.

The name of a British tv station?

The B.B.C. (British Broadcast Channel)

How do you broadcast TV channel?

The original TV was only broadcast TV. It's done the same way as radio us broadcast. Tall antenna towers send out (broadcast) radio waves that send the TV signal long distances.

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On YouTube or a good broadcast show . Like Extra,Insider edition,Today,Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon,and other shows on local cannels like channel 2,channel 5, and channel 11. Last time I saw lots of celebrities I know on broadcast TV shows or telecast TV shows.

What is the highest channel number available to non-cable broadcast TV stations since 1974?

Channel 69

How do you spell tv channal?

A broadcast TV station uses a channel, or frequency range assigned to its broadcast. Cable and satellite signals are similarly assigned to discrete integral numbers to enable their selection.

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Oprah is currently broadcast on Diva TV.

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; 30th March 1997.