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you can download it off emule Just go on "" and get the free download and type in "jeff hardy undertaker"

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 12:57:19
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Q: Where can you download the Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker ladder match from the July 1 2002 edition of Raw?
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Who wins the ladder match between Jeff hardy and undertaker?

The Undertaker!

Who won out of Jeff hardy vs the undertaker?

Jeff Hardy won by a interference by big show where he attacked undertaker and Jeff hardy then undertaker hit big show with a steel chair then Jeff hardy got the steel chair and hit undertaker with it,Jeff got a ladder and did a legdrop off the ladder 1...2...3 Jeff Hardy won

Who will win undertaker at WrestleMania?

Jeff hardy in a ladder match

What WWE superstar defeated Jeff hardy in a ladder match for the WWE undisputed championship in 2002?


Limited edition WWE slam attax cards can you get?

triple h batista randy orton the undertaker Matt hardy and mr Kennedy

What episode did Jeff hardy vs undertaker?

jeff hardy is on impact wrestling so undertaker didnt go against him

Is undertaker and Jeff hardy friends?


Jeff hardy vs the undertaker in extreme rules?

Jeff Hardy won the Extreme Rules match against the Undertaker in 2009. Jeff Hardy no longer wrestles for the WWE and has returned to TNA.

How long was the ladder that Jeff hardy jump off of?

Which ladder? He's jumped of a lot of them.

Is Jeff hardy better then undertaker?

I like undertaker more so i will tell that undertaker is better if you like Jeff hardy more than you will say Jeff is better. So, its better to keep your own opinion.

Has undertaker ever saluted Jeff hardy?


Can you play as Jeff Hardy in SVR 2007?

You can play as Jeff Hardy in Smack Down vs RAW 2007. All you have to do is play a ladder match playing as Matt Hardy in Exhibition mode one on one. You have to run up a ladder while the ladder you are running on is leaning against another ladder, which is in the center of the ring, then empty the briefcase gorge and win the match. (It has to be after running up a ladder). Then you will automatically replay the match but you'll be playing as Jeff Hardy.

Did Jeff hardy beat undertaker?

yes he did, to get a title shot

Who do you think will win the ladder match between Jeff hardy and edge at extreme rules?

Jeff hardy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many ladder matches have Jeff hardy been in?


How many ladder matches has Jeff hardy been in?


Is Matt hardy suspended?

no but Jeff hardy is. for 60 days. and as a result of this he is out of the money in the bank ladder match at wrestlemania

Who are brothers in the WWE?

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy.Also The Undertaker and Kane.

Who will return to WWE in 2009?

The Undertaker p.s Jeff hardy has left

Who has beat mark Henry?

Undertaker, Matt Hardy, Finlay, etc.

Is Jeff hardy is cool?

ya dude he beat the undertaker and more

How do you get the ladder ability in smackdown vs raw 2009 on cereer mode?

by being defeated in a ladder match by any hardy

Who is a better wresilter Jeff hardy or undertaker?

the undertaker because he went 18-0 at wre. 26 and has countless championship wins.

Who is related in the WWE?

Kane and undertaker , Matt hardy and Jeff hardy, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon and some more I think

Is UnderTaker Friends with Jeff Hardy?

yes they are friends bcoz they talk on the fhone