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Q: Where can you download Triple H's new theme song 'Bow Down to the King' by Motorhead?
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What is Triple H theme song?

right now its the game by motorhead or are you talkin about his tag team entrance then that would be break it down by the chris warren band

Who sings HH's theme song and what is the name of the song?

The song is call The Game and is sung by Motorhead. The other song is called Bow Down to the King and is also sung by Motorhead.

Will hhh have a new theme song when he comes back?

If Bow Down To The King by Motorhead has been unused by HHH, then yes he will have a new theme song.

Why when I download a theme for PSP it's zipped?

Zipping files keeps the size down, making them quicker to download and take up less storage space and bandwidth.

Where can you download the total drama island theme song?

you could try, but i recommend You will have to down load bearshare

What is the theme for the movie Down and Derby?

The theme for the movie Down and Derby is what ever you think it is:)

What was the theme for WrestleMania 21?

3 Doors Down "Behind Those Eyes". To download it, go to 3 Doors Down's website. Click on media, and download Behind Those Eyes from the CD Seventeen Days.

Is Triple H on raw or smack down now?

Triple H is now on raw

What are the best WWE theme songs in your opinion?

undertaker- ministry of darkness theme (1998-1999) -------- I think Cm Punk: Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns Cody Rhodes and Ted dibiase : priceless The Nexus :we are one by 12 stones The Rock helicopter theme hollywood: 2003 These all suck the one that is the best is Triple H's I Am The Game p.s. and if your not down with that than i just got two words for ya ------------------------------------------- The Nexus, Edge, triple H

Is Triple H drafted to smack down?


Who's theme is break the walls down?

It's Chris Jericho's theme.

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The theme of Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell is about the hardships faced by Navaho Indians

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All of the strings are tuned down a half step, with the low E string tuned down a step and a half. It would be (from lowest to highest) C#, G#, C#, F#, A#, and D#.

Which wwe wrestler's theme song is break the walls down?

Its Chris jericho's theme

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Fredie King - Goin down

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Thao with The Get Down Stay Down - When We Swam

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Where can you download WWE's Armageddon theme for free?

You won't be able to download something for free, but try all of the websites that you know check the prices write them down and see which one is the cheapest, that's how I'd do itAnsweru can download it on limewire Answergo to ......they have free wwe themes (ppv and entrance) Answermay i recommend bear share or limewire or shareaza!

What is DX theme first song called?

the first DX theme song is called Break It Down