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Little Wayne is so much richer because he earns billions and Kobe earns just millions and depends if the lakers win he makes most of his money

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Probably on Limewire.

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Q: Where can you download Lil Wayne Kobe Bryant Song?
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What famous rapper made a song about and titled Kobe Bryant?

Yes. Kobe Bryant - Lil Wayne

What is the name of the song about Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant

What is the name of Lil Wayne's new song that is also the name of a basketball player?

Kobe Bryant. (:

Where can you find the song Kobe Bryant on itunes?

Kobe Bryant songs are found mostly on limewire and if anyone can help me download it to my iPod that would be most helpful thanks :)

What is the name of the album that the song Kobe Bryant in?


Was Lil Wayne on the Lakers?

No, he just made a song about Kobe.

What song was used for Kobe Bryant video University of Kobe on YouTube?

i really dont know i wish that i knew i love the beat

When does Kobe Bryant song go on itunes?

i wanna get it too! ive looked everywhere

What song does Kobe Bryant like to listen to before his game start?

Wop by J Dash

What is the song on the Kobe Bryant and LeBron James vitamin water commercial?

the one man band

What is Kobe Bryant's favorite song?

his favourite song is Tik Tok from the midnight beast

What rap song has the lyric Jose Bryant AS in Kobe Bryant but it's replaced with Jose and it has lebron James replaced in it to?

If the lyric is "call me rose' Bryant or patron James" then its fabolous - all the way turnt up.