Where can you do a CELTA course?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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You can take a CELTA course anywhere in the world.

I took mine in Saigon Vietnam. This, I decided to do after weighing all of the costs involved.

Compare: Vietnam to Houston Texas. I chose Houston since it was the closest CELTA course to Dallas Texas, where I lived.

Course: $1500


  • Vietnam: $10/night X 1 month
  • Houston: $50/night X 1 month


  • Vietnam: as cheap at $2-$5 per day X 1 month
  • Houston: At least $10 -$15 per day X 1 month

Travel to school:

  • Vietnam: Walk
  • Houston:??? or taxi or bus X 1 month


  • Check for current rates from your departure to destination


  • Vietnam: Yes
  • Houston: Don't think so!

Something to write home about:

  • Vietnam: Foreign country: Lots of place to visit
  • Houston: 4 hours from Dallas

This is why I chose Vietnam and I am still in Vietnam!

If you want to contact me or know more check my bio.

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Q: Where can you do a CELTA course?
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Where could one learn more about taking CELTA courses?

CELTA, which stands for "Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages", is a course that runs four to five weeks long. One can learn about taking this course at the online site "Teflinstitute".

Which tefl course?

CELTA or Trinity Cert. TESOL are the most respected and most widely recognised courses worldwide.

Does the TEFL international accredited?

It doesn't look like it from their website. Only choose a course accredited by CELTA or Trinity TESOL.

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By no means, no! CELTA is a very practical course for budding teachers whereas ICELT helps experienced teachers deepen their methodological knowledge of teaching in their own contexts. I would recomment teachers take both. Being a tutor of both, I can perceive how much teachers improve the teaching skills after taking the CELTA. After taking the ICELT, they tend to become more aware/critical of what they do. They are both certificates. Delta or an MA TESOL would be the step above.

What does the acronym CELTA stand for?

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