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Walmart! : )

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2009-05-26 21:08:14
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Q: Where can you buy the Nerf Vulcan for the best price in the UK?
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Should you buy the Nerf Vulcan Air Zone Punisher or the Nerf Raider?

Nerf raider defenitley

Where can you buy a cheap Nerf vulcan?

K-mart Walmart

Does the Nerf vulcan come with batteries?

NO. You must buy them. P.S. I have it.

Were is the cheapest place to buy a Nerf vulcan ebf 25?

the cheapest place to buy a vulcan is online off of someone.

Where can you buy a RED Nerf vulcan in Ohio?

As the Red Strike series is long discontinued, you will not be able to find the red Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 in Ohio.

When is Nerf vulcan coming out in Australia?

The Nerf vulcan is already out in toyrus stores for about $50. They are pretty much the same as the others around the world, so you could buy it anywhere and you would still get the same thing.

Where can you buy a Nerf n-strike vulcan ebf-25?

Toys R us, sometimes Target.

Can you buy different chains for the Nerf vulcan?

Yes, you can buy multiple different 25-Dart belts and conjoin them to increase the capacity.

Can you buy elite Nerf guns in Australia?

Go on and it tells you when the Nerf hail fire comes out the first Nerf elite gun releasing which is an improved version of a Vulcan EBF-25

How do you stop Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 from jamming after being modified?

The Vulcan is already prone to jamming, even when not modified. What you should do is throw that in the dumpster, and buy a Stampede ECS-50.

Is Nerf the best brand?

Nerf is the best brand that's why many people buy it and it is sold at brookstone

Which is better a Nerf longshot or vulcan?

I don't want an edit war but I know the Vulcan does not jam. You can buy whichever, but if you like sniping, get the Longshot. If you are into assault missions and firepower, the Vulcan is probably for you. Just make sure to handle the belt feed carefully.

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