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Sears Outlet London, ON $1.49

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Q: Where can you buy silly bandz in London Ontario?
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Where are silly bandz sold at?

some walmarts dont sell silly bandz they sell finger rings now but theyy used to sell silly bandz and they were 3.50 a pack but now the silly rings are 1.50

Where do you buy dragon silly bandz?

you can buy dragon silly bandz with the Fantasy Pack. You can buy that pack any where that carries Silly Bandz! :)

Where do buy silly bandz?

Walgreens,CVS have silly bandz

Where can you buy cheap silly bandz?

You can buy the cheapest silly bandz on eBay or at a gas station.

Do silly bandz glow?

yes you can buy silly bandz that glow in the dark

Can you buy silly bandz for less than a dollar?

you can buy silly bandz at wal mart for $1.00

Where to buy hello kitty silly bands?

You can buy hello kitty silly bandz at any place that sells silly bandz.

Were to buy rock band silly bandz?

you can get them at cvs or any silly bandz stand

Where is the cheapest lace to buy silly bandz?

The best place to buy Silly Bandz are at walmart I heard they are only a dollar

Where can you buy silly bands in manila?

Similar to Silly Bandz are Jelly Bandz. They have all the nice designs.

Can you buy silly bandz in central hk?

They have a lot a lot of types of silly bandz in central hong kong

Can you buy silly bandz in warehouse?

Yes you can.