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Q: Where can you buy canucks fabric by the meter?
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What is the difference between 1 meter of fabric and 1 Linear meter of fabric?

None. Both are 1-metre lengths, of the standard with of the fabric.

What is larger a meter of fabric or a yard of fabric?

A yard of fabric is measured at 36 inches. A meter of fabric is 39. something something, just a slight half inch under 40 inches.

What can you do with a half meter of cotton fabric?

The same thing you can do with a meter

How many feet is a meter of fabric?


Where can I buy fabric in Philadelphia to make curtains?

The best place to buy fabric in Philadelphia is at fabric store. A fabric store will have a selection of curtain fabric for you to choose from and can assist you.

What is 160 gsm fabric?

every 100 per square meter the fabric weight is 160g

Fabric gsm weight calculation?

GSM = grams per square meter Cut a 1 meter by 1 meter of fabric and weigh it in grams or weigh the fabric in grams (G) and measure the length in meters (L) and width in meters (W) and calculate: G/LW = grams per square meter = GSM

How do you convert 1kg of knit fabric into meter?

roll weight X 19.685 / dia gsm of th fabric = metre of the fabric

What is a meter stick used for in sewing?

A meter stick is used to measure the length of fabric so that it is suitable and accurate for the amount of fabric needed based on the size required.

How do you convert the fabric kilogram in to meter?

you dont. kilogram is a measure of weight and meter is a measure of distance

How do you calculate yarn consumption for denim fabric per meter?

33.91(constant*Fabric OZ/39.37*Wirth of fabric=Gm/mtr

How many meters of fabric is required for a full sleeves shirt?

Normally, 2.0 Meter to 2.4 Meter of fabric is more than sufficient to make a full sleeve shirt.