Where can you buy a zorb?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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You can go to eBay and search under "Zorb", or "Hyper Core" Or you can go to . They will send it to you... Just be expecting to pay over $1000 for one!

Go to - this is the website of the inventors of zorbing.

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Check the website of the guys who invented zorbing at

They have information about the products and services they provide - although they don't have a price list.

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dicks sporting goods or play it again sports

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Q: Where can you buy a zorb?
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Can you buy a Zorb in Georgia?


Where can you buy and ship Zorb balls in Canada under 500?

You are unable to buy an original globe manufactured by ZORB Limited as they do not sell them.

Where can you buy a zorb ball to run in in Ireland?

I'm not sure you can buy them... But Im positive that you can go Zorbing in Wiklow

What is a zorb?

A zorb is a large transparent ball in which someone may roll downhill.

Can zorb ball blow?

Blow What

What year was the zorb made?


Where in Ireland can you get a human hamster ball in a shop?

Zorb. Legitimate question. They're very common in New Zealand.. I think you can buy them on ebay... happy zorbing!

Where can you get human hamster balls?

go on amazon or zorb

What is a Gigaball?

A Gigaball is very similar to a Zorb ball but smaller. A Zorb Ball is a large spherical ball made out of flexible plastic, it consists of two layers (the outer layer is used as a shock absorber and in between the two layers is just air). The practice of Zorbing is done using Zorb Balls. You normally enter the Zorb ball through a hole in the side, you then sit in the ball and roll down a slope in it.

What kind of device is a zorb ball?

A zorb ball is a giant ball filled with air, in which people roll down a hill. It is a rather new sport. You can compare it to the famous toy for hamsters. It is also similar to the water-equivalent where children can run around on the water, using a rolling ball full of air. A zorb ball however doesn't have any water involved.

Sport that has a letter z in it?

There is a sport where you get in a ball and roll down a hill its called Zorb ball.

Are there any Zorbing locations in or near Pennsylvania?

PhillyBumpball has rentals. Play zorb, bubble soccer, Bumpball, etc.. Near Philly and will travel based on your proximity.