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Switchblade knives can be bought in hunting stores. They can also be bought online, and at general stores, as long as a person has a proper ID.

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Q: Where can you buy a switchblade knife?
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Where can you buy a switchblade?

type "switchblade knife" in search engine and you will see plenty of places to buy.

Is it legal for a minor to carry a knife in MA And I am not differentiating between a Swiss Army knife or a switchblade just a knife in general.?

it is legal to carry a knife there but not switchblade or butterfly.

How do you get a switchblade knife in Michigan?


Can I buy a butterfly knife online if I live in Texas?

Butterfly knives are considered a switchblade under Texas law. A switchblade is a prohibited weapon, meaning that they are illegal to possess. Even if a company will mail you the knife, you can be prosecuted if you are caught with it.

Is Ellie's knife a butterfly knife in The Last Of Us?

No, Ellie's knife is not a butterfly knife. It is a switchblade.

How do you sharpen a switchblade knife?

With a knife sharpener or whet stone, same as any knife.

Can you buy a switchblade online?

yes you can. there are numerous sites that will sell one but the knife goes through your sheriffs office and you have to get it from him/her.

Is it legal to carry a butterfly knife in Texas?

No. They are illegal to possess. A butterfly knife is considered a switchblade under Texas law. A switchblade is a prohibited weapon.

Where in Delaware can you buy a switchblade?

It is illegal to sell a switchblade in Delaware, even if you are licensed to sell deadly weapons. Furthermore it is illegal to own or carry a switchblade in Delaware. the closest thing would be a spring assisted open knife. check out Kershaw Knives.

What is stronger a butterfly knife or a switchblade?

I think a butterfly knife is stronger and more durable

Is it legal to carry a switchblade knife in Missouri?

No, switchblades are illegal.

What is the closest knife to a switchblade that is legal in Australia?

italian steleto

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