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Tiger Woods uses a Daphne's Headcover, a Tiger, you can buy this from the Daphne's headcover online shop or type it into Google.

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Q: Where can you buy a head cover like Tiger Woods tiger?
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What do the letters on Tiger Woods head cover mean?

Tiger Woods

Where did Tiger Woods get his golf club cover?

The company who make the Tiger head covers is called Daphnes.

What does the back of Tiger Woods Tiger head cover say?

Nothing. He has a couple of holes that are stiched up in white thread.

What is Tiger Woods club head speed?

Tiger's average is between 120 to 125 mph

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60 miles per hour. tiger woods's is 80 60 miles per hour. tiger woods's is 80

What is Tiger Woods club head speed with a 6 iron?

approx. 115mph

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Clear His head and breath easy and then think of what to do next

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