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It is a Nike Elite Shooter Sleeve buy it on eBay it has everything

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Q: Where can you buy a double colored padded arm sleeve like Jared Sullinger wears?
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Where did Jared sullinger get his sleeve?

Jared sullinger got his sleeve from nike and had it custimized

Where can you a padded two colored basketball sleeve like Austin Rivers for Duke University?

You can get the at Custom Sports Sleeves the webite allows you to customise double color sleeves with padding

What is the best shooting sleeve?

It's between the Nike pro combat padded sleeve and the Adidas techfit padded sleeve.

What is the brand of lebron James shooting sleeve?

The Nike Pro Combat Padded Shooting Sleeve.

What does the Nike combat padded sleeve do?

It keeps your shooting arm warm

How do you make your Nike Pro Combat padded shooting sleeve tighter?

Work our like an NBA player and pump up your bicep/forearm, and then the shooting sleeve will be tighter! :-)

What type of knee pads does Derrick Rose wear?

They are either Mcdavid pads, or some new kind of Adidas sleeve. For a bit, he was wearing the new Adidas elbow padded sleeves, but on his knees, maybe they made them custom. I want to know as well which they are. He actullay wears white and black the addidas TECHFIT™ PADDED COMPRESSION KNEE SLEEVE

Where would you find a mcdavid hexpad shooting sleeve that has a colored pad?

Dick's Sporting Goods

What is a double shirt?

a double shirt is a combination of a t shirt over a long sleeve. there. I SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can you find a multi colored shooting sleeve like John wall's or Dexter pittman's? but they are terible looking

Are the word spill collar fool sleeve examples of a double consonants?


Where can you get a double colored Nike shooting sleeve from like the one john wall wears? btw. JOHN WALL IS A BEAST, AND SO IS DEMARCOUS COUSINS, PATRICK PATTERSON, ERIC BLEDSOE, AND DANIEL ORTON, TOO BAD THEY ARE ALL ONE AND DONE