Where can you buy a co2 tank?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Most sporting good stores, All paintball fields and pro shops, and online at many websites.

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Q: Where can you buy a co2 tank?
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How old do you have to be to buy Co2 tank for paintball in pa?


Where do you put a 20 oz co2 tank in your Tiberius arms paintball gun?

Which model? If it is the t9 or t8 pistol then you have to buy an adapter for a 20 oz tank.

How can you put CO2 in a fish tank?

There is usually no need to put co2 in a FISH tank.....Fish consume oxygen and give off carbon dioxide (CO2)...just like YOU do. The main reason for putting CO2 in a tank is if you have GOBS of plants and HARDLY ANY it is PLANTS which need CO2 to grow. If you don't have enough fish to feed the plants enough CO2, then add a couple fish. This is hardly ever a Problem. HOWEVER:::: there is a Doodad that you can buy for your plant aquarium which will add more co2. But that's not too good for your fish, assuming that you have them...

Does the jt cybird paintball gun work without a co2 tank?

No paintball gun will work without a CO2 tank or other propellant tank. without Co2 there is nothing to push the ball out of the barrel.

Where can i refill my CO2 tank?

sure, gennerally there are 30lb co2 tanks and 50lb tanks that you can fill from, you will also need a fill station and instruction from a air smith on how to use it, so it is fairly expensive to own, but what a lot of people do it buy a fill station and then rent a co2 tank for the day from a welding shop or another place that will do it (scuba shops sometimes, propane stations, you just have to do a little searching) for a 50lb tank i think it was around $30-$40 so have everyone pitch in a few bucks and you are covered for the day

Does a c02 tank have to be used upright?

A CO2 tank does not necessarily have to be upright. It depends if you want liquid CO2 or gaseous CO2. When I purchased a CO2 tank for a specific application, namely, CO2 snow cleaning, I had the option of getting a tank that either had a dipstick, that picked up liquid CO2 from the bottom of the tank, or one that had no dipstick so that it collected gas from the top of the tank. I selected a tank without the liquid pickup. So, my upright tank output gas. However, if I wanted liquid CO2, I would put my tank slightly upside down, and get liquid CO2. It is probably not recommended to run a commercial gas tank in a non-upright position. So, depending on what type of tank you have, and what type of output you want, the answer to your question literally is: depends. For farm and garden use, you are probably seeking gaseous output, and probably have a tank with no dipstick; based on these assumptions, yes, you will need to keep your tank upright.

Does a jt 20oz co2 tank new come full with co2?

No co2 tanks are sold full.

How much CO2 in a 'H' size tank?

"H" is not a size for CO2 tanks

How many percentage carbon dioxide in co2 gas tank?

A carbon dioxide tank must contain only CO2.But many mixtures of gases containing CO2 may be prepared.

Can you use a ca tank for your paintball gun if it came with a co2 tank?

There is no such thing as a "CA" tank.

How do you check to see if a CO2 tank for a paintball gun still has CO2?

You cannot unless you have a gauge installed, or know the exact weight of the tank.

Can you fill up a co2 tank withan air compressor?

yes you can when you use a compressor only fill up the co2 tank for 2 seconds for every ounce the tank can hold (9 ounce tank=18 seconds) <><><><><> However, the CO2 tank is designed for CO2, not ordinary air, and it is rated for only a specific pressure. If you don't have the proper equipment to do this, it is better for your own safety to leave it to a professional.