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I have Been told that this gun is a copy of a marlin 80 and that clip Should fit it but this is just heresay

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2008-01-17 06:03:10
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Q: Where can you buy a clip for your Ranger 22 S-L-LR Model 103-2?
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Where can you find a replecement clip for a Glenfield model 25 cal 22 SLLR?

MARLIN'S WEBSITE! about $13.00 each.

Where can you get a clip for a 22 sllr Western Field Model 850A?

Where can you get a Ranger Model 3622 magazine clip?

Try gun shows, gun shops, want ads,

How can you find a clip for a ranger model 34a 22 longrifle semi auto?

The Ranger 22 was built by Marlin firearms, try a clip that fits the folowing Marlin Rifles. 50-50E, 80C, 780. You are looking for something that was built in the 1930s.

Who has info on a sears ranger model 103.2 clip fed bolt action 22 cal rifle?

It was made by Marlin and is a pre-war version of the Model 80.

Where can you find a clip for a sears130 ranger 22 rifle?

Cannot find the Sears 130 Ranger in any of my cross-reference books. Please check the model number again and send me an email.USDF

Where can you find information about and parts for a 22 S L LR Ranger Model 103.2?

Parts neededwe have a ranger model 103.2 works good but need a clip and triger guard. help us find the parts or make offerfor magazine check with:

How old is a Ranger Model 3622-S-L-LR bolt action .22 rilfe made in the USA?

I'm looking for a clip and a bolt for a 3622 ranger rifle. Can you please tell me where to go to locate these parts?

Where can you get a 5-shot clip for a Springfield Model 56?

where can i find a clip for a 22 cal springfield model 56

What is the value of a 22 sllr glenfield marlin model 25 serial 22733529 bolt action with a scope and a 8 shot clip?

Average price for the rifle itself in VG condition is $75-$125. The scope could add some value depending on the type of scope. Worn rifles of course have less value.

How do you remove the front clip on a 95 ford ranger?

It takes a cutting torch.

Need Ammo clip jc Higgins Model 10518?

MODEL 58321

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