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Probably from sg nerf forums ?

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Q: Where can you buy Nerf magstrike in Singapore?
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How much is a Nerf magstrike?

I have the Nerf magstrike and it cost me $30

What is better Nerf magstrike or Nerf recon?

Magstrike if like having a high rate of fire

Where can you get the Nerf magstrike?

At target.

Where can you get a Nerf magstrike in Australia?

you can get it online

Where can you get the Nerf magstrike as-10?


Do they sell Nerf magstrike clips separately?


Where can you buy a free Nerf mag strike?

Uh..... Unless someone's throwing it away, a Magstrike won't be free.

Where can you find the new Nerf Magstrike?

wal mart

Can magstrike for Nerf have accessories?

yes, it has a rail on the top

What is the name of a Nerf that you pump and like small machine gun?

the Nerf n-strike magstrike as-10

Do Nerf sell dart magazines for the Nerf n-strike magstrike as-10?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to get refill clips for the Magstrike AS-10 is to purchase another one, or find one on eBay or Kijiji. I personally have a Magstrike original that can't fire because it has no clip.

Should you buy the Nerf magstrike of the Nerf fierfly?

This is only my advice, but you should buy the Nerf Firefly because the Nerf Magstrike has one clip, and goes really easily, and also needs pump action, but the Firefly has a round barrel at the front of the gun which you manually load and does not run out so quickly. Also, the Firefly comes with the awesome glow in the dark darts!