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The goal keeper in Netball may only goal in the goal circle for the opposite team and that goal third, They are not allowed to go into/past the centre third

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the goal keepers can only go in their goal third and are aloud in the semi circle

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Q: Where can the goal keeper go in netball?
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Does netball has a goal keeper?

The answer is yes, netball does have a goal keeper, the goal keeper is up the other end to the end that you are shooting and they have to protect the net and not let the opposition get the ball into the net.

What does GK means in netball?

goal keeper A goal Keeper (GK) plays in the defencive third including the goal ring (semi circle)

What center do you have to be in netball?

It depends what you are e.g. Goal shooter, Goal keeper.

How many players on a junior netball team?

there are five players on a junior netball team. a goal shooter and attack, a centre and a goal defence and keeper. the goal shooter and attack can go in the attacking two thirds and the goal defence and keeper can go in the defending two thirds. centre can go everywhere except the two D's.

Who marks goal shooter in netball?

the goal keeper would mark the goal shooter

In which sport would you find a goal attackwing defence and goal keeper?


Who is aloud in the shotting area in netball?

gs - goal shooter gk - goal keeper

What is high five netball?

High 5 netball is basic netball without wing attack or wing defense. goal shooter and goal attack can go in the center and the third they are shooting in, the same with goal defense and goal keeper can go in the center and the third of the opposite team that is shooting. Center is exactly the same as usual.

Who are the top 5 netball players?

the goal shooter, goal attact, goal keeper, goal diffence, center

What does a gk do in Netball do?

The goal keeper in netball protects the net and stops the opposition from getting the ball into the net.

What are the places in netball?

GS goal shooterGA goal attackWA wing attackC centreWD wing defenseGD goal defenseGK goal keeper

Which goal keeper hasn't sufferd a goal?

in football, none. in netball, Sodnei Milla in basketball, Austin Clinton...