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I have the best luck finding any type of videos (movies, sporting events, TV shows) when I type in what I want to watch in the Google video search box, then set the advanced search options to LONG (>20min) and ENGLISH (or else you may get something with chinese subtitles which, when there is no other option, is fine, but really quite annoying)

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There are lots of places online where someone can watch the football games of the Dallas Cowboys live. Some of these places are: livestreamnfltv and DirecTV.

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Q: Where can someone watch live football games of the Dallas Cowboys online?
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One can find videos of the Dallas Cowboys from several different sites online such as the official Dallas Cowboys website, YouTube, and the video channel at the NFL website.

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What team is Brett Favre on in madden10?

it depends if you get the online update, if you have a ps3 just play a online game and you'll have it, he should be a 92 overall i think, and he is on the Vikings. (why did you have dallas cowboys as a category?

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