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A person can learn more about recumbent cycling from several different places. Some of these places include Light Foot Cycles, Cycle Genius, and Recumbent Cyclist News.

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Q: Where can someone learn more on recumbent cycling?
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Where to find articles on 'recumbent bikes'?

Certain gym's have a range of magazines on all equipment and hobbies, so try contacting your local gym to find out more. Try contacting a cycling shop, many sell a range of leaflets and magazines which may contain articles on recumbent bicycles.

Where can one learn more about BMX cycling?

There are a variety of ways in which someone can learn about BMX cycling. For those interested in performing in this sport, either the local BMX riders at a skate park or instructional videos on YouTube are good resources. Those looking for history of the sport should try Wikipedia.

How do you put recumbent in a sentence?

The bike she rode was a recumbent bike and was more comfortable to ride.

Is the recumbent exercise bike better than the semi-recumbent exercise bike?

Well a "semi-recumbent" fits about halfway between an upright and a full recumbent. Recumbent bikes have a chair like seat and many models have handlebars next to the seat as well as in front of the seat, and also provide better back support, the Semi-Recumbent exercise bikes are the same design as recumbent except the seat position is higher you are in a more upright (less recumbent) position,

What is Cycling England's motto?

The motto of Cycling England is 'More people cycling, more safely, more often'.

What is the motto of Cycling Advocates' Network?

Cycling Advocates' Network's motto is 'More people cycling more often'.

Who introduced cycling in the summer Olympics?

No one really knows. In all probability, as soon as there was more than one bike around someone said "I bet I can get to the church from here faster than you" and competitive cycling was born.

How can you improve your cycling?

The more you cycle, the more you improve.

What are some good stores to purchase cycling gear from?

Cycling gear can be bought from your local sporting goods store. Alternatively more specialised cycling gear can be bought from a specialist cycling store.

Do you get more injuries cycling or walking?

Well, with cycling you have more opportunities to fall than while walking, so it probably generates a few more injuries.

Where can one find more information about triathlon cycling?

One can find more information about triathlon cycling by going to the Tri Find website. The website has information on triathlon cycling as well as running and swimming.

What is the difference between a 3.8 and a 10.8 recumbent cycle?

The 10.8 has more advanced preprogrammed exercise programs.