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The odds for sports can often be found via gambling websites who often determine their own odds for the purposes of betting. Otherwise, a local gaming facility should have the appropriate informations regarding the odds.

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Q: Where can one view live NCAA football odds?
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What team holds the record for most consecutive winning seasons in NCAA football and can they be listed?

In Division I football, according to the 2008 NCAA Division I football records manual, the record is 40 and held by Nebraska (1962-2001) and Notre Dame (1889-1932, Notre Dame did not field teams in 1890 and 1891). Click on the 'NCAA Division I Football Records' link below to see the manual. You will need Adobe Reader to be able to view it.

Where can one find the Stanford football schedule to view?

One may find the Stanford football schedule from the official website of the school. One may also use the resources of the NCAA page and the channel ESPN.

Who has Most points against ncaa football season?

I believe it was Prairie View A&M in 1991, with 617 points scored against, or 56.09 points per game.

Where can someone go to learn more about NCAA hockey?

NCAA hockey has its own website with the latest and greatest news about NCAA hockey. Fans can view anything from team standing to teams players on the website.

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Ocean view high football losings streak lasted. 3 years.

Where online can one view Brazil vs Argentina football matches?

One can view football matches between Brazil vs. Argentina online at Daily Motion, Soccer Way, Live Soccer TV, Sky Sports, Youtube, Eurosport and many others.

What statistics does NFL odds provide in addition to its spreads?

In addition to points spreads, NFL odds provides moneyline, totals, and futures. All data is complied and provided by OddsShark. MaddoxSports allows users to view odds from multiple sources.

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Click on the '1960 Alabama football roster' link below to view the 1960 roster and the '1961 Alabama football roster' link below to view the 1961 roster.

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