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A person can purchase spandex shorts that are suitable for volleyball from several different places. Some of these places include Epic Sports and Worldwide Sport Supply.

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Q: Where can one purchase spandex shorts suitable for volleyball?
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Where do they sell spandex?

Usually you can get spandex shorts from volleyball tournaments

What is a volleyball uniform made out of?

spandex material for the jersey, and spandex not shorts.

What do volleyball players usually wear?

Volleyball uniforms consists of spandex bikinis for women and spandex shorts for men.

What are the equipment in volleyball?

net, volleyball, jersey (aka shirt) and spandex shorts, knee pads

Why are spandex considered better than shorts for volleyball?

They look better

Why don't men wear spandex shorts in volleyball?

Because...that would be gross?

What sort of clothes wearing in volleyball?

Most players wear spandex, which are tight shorts, and spandex jerseys or t-shirts.

Are shorts allowed on a volleyball court?

Yes, preferrably spandex. Its popular, and easy to move in.

How much do volleyball shorts costs?

Volleyball shorts (spandex) can range from approximately ten dollars to twenty-five dollars depending on the design, qualiy, where you live, and brand name.

Why is volleyball commonly played by girls?

probably because the usual uniform consists of spandex shorts...

What do you wear for volleyball?

You wear spandex shorts (Asics are best) in order to move faster and more freely.

What do Volley Ball players wear?

jersey, spandex shorts, kneepads, long socks, volleyball shoes,