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Skating bails are accidents during Skateboarding, thus cannot be purchased. Though there are a lot of videos and pictures available online in the topic of skating bails.

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Q: Where can one purchase skating bails?
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Where can one buy skating rinks?

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Where can one purchase a skating dress?

Skating dresses can be purchased from ice skating companies. However, such stores may be difficult to find locally so the best option may be to shop online. Websites like Ice Skating Life, Discount Skatewear, and Figure Skating Store all offer such items.

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What is one of the most popular forms of skating?

Popular forms of skating include: Inline skating Speed skating Ice skating

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Skateboarding bails means to fail on doing a trick. Bailing is when a person on a skateboard is about to do a trick but at the last moment, decides not to, or "bails".

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