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For an orange bra that is not athletic, there are many shops including Victoria's Secret. They should surely have orange Bras with different details, patterns, or even plain.

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Q: Where can one purchase orange bras that are not sports or jogging type?
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Does Columbia make sports bras for jogging?

Yes, Columbia does make jogging bras. They generally cost around $15-30. You can order them at or also at

Are sports bras paded?

You can purchase sports bras that are padded. Old Navy,American Eagle,Zappos, Altrec and REI sell padded sports bras.

Which sites have the best plus size sports bras?

There are many places to purchase plus size sports wear, including sports bras. One of the best online stores to purchase these is Catherines, which is a women's apparel store.

Do they make sweat resistant sports bras?

Yes, they do make sweat resistant sports bras. A company called Dry Defense makes sports bras and various other clothing that is sweat resistant. You can purchase a sports bra from this company for about $30.

How are you fitted for a sports bra?

Their is no exact science to measuring for sports bras. The sports bra that fits you well will be snug but not constricting. Also it will completely cover you and will keep you in place while you are jogging or jumping.

Does Macey's sell orange bras?

Yes, Macy's sells a wide variety of orange bras in different brands and styles. You could choose to go into one of their stores, or purchase online through their website.

What has the author Deana Lorentzen written?

Deana Lorentzen has written: 'The biomechanical support of eight selected sports bras for small, medium and large breasted women while jogging'

Are there any sports bras that still look like sexy normal bras?

Victoria's Secret is tryng to expand out and introduce a line of sports bras that have more of a sex appeal then the normal sports bras, but in the end it is still a sports bra.

When were sports bras made?

sports bras were invented in 1977 by a woman named Lisa lindahl.

Are there any online retailers that sell womens sports bras?

There are a number of retailers that offer women's sports bras, including: AND AND AND

Who sells top quality sports bras for running?

Sporting goods stores like Academy or Dick's will carry running bras. You can also purchase them online at or even

Do sports bras come in different colors?

Yes, sports bras come in many different colors. If you like very colorful bras you should look into the bras available at