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Golf cart batteries can be purchased in your local area at designated retailers, ordered from the manufacturer by telephone, or purchased online at one of the dozens of online retailers who carry your specific Golf Cart Battery brand.

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Q: Where can one purchase golf cart batteries?
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Where can one purchase EZ Go golf cart parts?

A person can purchase EZ-Go golf cart parts from several different places. Some of these places include Blockbuster Golf Carts and Radical Golf Carts.

Where can one purchase a Powakaddy golf cart?

One can purchase a Powakaddy golf cart on specialist golf sites such as Complete Golfer and Direct Golf. They can also be bought from larger sports stores like Sports Direct and JD Sports as well as online from Lilywhites.

Where can one purchase golf cart tires?

You can buy golf cart tires from major company's on the internet, for example, Amazon, Ebay, and Sam's Club. But there is a website specially created for golf cart tire's, Golfcarttires

Where could one purchase an used golf cart?

Ebay has a large selection of new and used golf carts. They also have a golf cart buying guide which tells you what to look for when buying a used one.

Where can one purchase a Coleman golf cart heater?

There are a number of online resources for purchasing Coleman golf cart heaters. Golfsmith, Amazon, Franklin Golf Car Company, and Buggies Unlimited all have listings for golf cart heaters on their websites.

Where can one purchase Club Car Golf Cart parts?

Someone can purchase Club Car golf cart parts from a number of companies such as Amazon. Amazon has a large selection of Club Car golf cart parts and also offers free shipping on orders that are $25 or greater.

How do I wire 6 batteries together for my golfcart?

what is the voltage of your batteries and how many volts do need to run the golf cart?for example: you have six 12V batteries and you need 24V to run the golf cart then:Set the batteries in pairs, for each pair run a wire from the one positive terminal of battery one to the one negative terminal of battery two, leave the other terminal of each battery alone. now you have created three 24V batteries.Next you need to connect all batteries to the golf cart to use their power.take set one of the the three sets of batteries and connect the free positive terminal " not connected to the other battery" and connected to the golf cart positive connection, the same goes for the the same for the other two sets.

How do you wire a 36 volt golf cart with 3 12 volt batteries instead of 6 6volt batteries?

A cart that has batteries connected in series with one plus and one minus cables may have three 12V batteries connected with two jumpers, instead of twice as many 6V batteries with five jumpers.

Where online could one purchase a quality golf cart cover?

You can purchase a quality golf cart cover online from golf stores or sports centers. You can also purchase them on many reputable auction sites such as ebay, amazon or self advertising sites like gumtree or craigslist.

Where can one purchase parts for a golf cart?

One can buy parts for a golf cart at online stores like, CartPartsPlus, or even find a lot of used and new parts at the Ebay website.

Where can one buy golf cart enclosures?

Golf cart enclosures can be purchased from any retailer that sells them or that sells garages, carports and/or sheds. The best choice is the retailer that sold the golf cart to the individual. is a great place to purchase any parts or accessories for golf carts.

Where could one purchase a cart bag?

One can purchase a cart bag from many stores and websites that sell golf supplies. These include Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods, Target, and Sports Authority.

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