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Air Jordans are sold everywhere, Footlocker, Finishline, Shek, Underground Station, Niketown and many more places. BEWARE OF FAKE JORDANS!!! If you see a price for jordans that are only 60 dollars and are brand new they could be fake or if a person from a small business is selling them they could be real because the person selling them could buy them in huge quantities. Also watch out for fake colorways if you don't want to get clowned on, stick to the red and black colorways, if you see some lime green and yellow jordans then those are way fake. hope this helped

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There are plenty of places you can get authentic jordans. Any of these chain stores such as Finishline, Olympia, Fottlocker(and of couurse if there is a Niketown near you)etc. would not sell fakes. If they ever got caught doing so, they would lose their Nike accounts and that's the last thing they want to do. The problem witth these places is that you're probably not going to get any rare, quickstrike, or older releases(except Niketown). For that, your either going to have to follow the lastest news on releases and wait in lines at certain stores, or you're going to have to pay premium prices at boutiques or online at reputable sites.

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dude you can buy that any where you want but it is at one special store guess at the mall man come on I am looking for those shoes but I am in Colombia when I go back I am going to buy those shoes.

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54 Jordan Basketball shoes can be purchased at many websites. Among them are Adidas, Amazon, Footlocker, Sportiela, One Online, Eastbay, and WeeReplica.

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You can purchase a pair of used Jordan Basketball Shoes online through personal sellers at eBay. You can also find a pair through a local personal seller by using Craigslist.

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Q: Where can one purchase a used Jordan basketball?
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