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It is necessary to have a racing steering wheel in order to play some driving and Racing Video Games. Gaming steering wheels are available at varied types of stores including office supply stores such as Home Depot, computer or electronics stores like Fry's Electronics, Best Buy or Meritline, department stores like Sears or Walmart or online at eBay or Amazon.

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A Logitech G25 racing wheel can be purchased at most electronic or department stores that may have an electronic department. One can also attempt the Logitech online store.

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One can purchase a racing chair for XBox360 when one goes to shops like Future Shop, Best Buy, Warlmart, Target, etc. One can also purchase the item online at sites like Amazon and eBay, etc.

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Q: Where can one purchase a racing chair for XBox 360?
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One could purchase a wireless racing wheel for Xbox 360 from many different retailers. They are available from Amazon, Walmart, Staples, GameStop and Target.

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Xbox 360 wheels are used for racing or driving games. They can be purchased online at Amazon or eBay and can be found in stores in the electronics section.

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An Xbox 360 racing wheel is a special accessory for Xbox racing games that allow for better controls. It typically sells for $399.00, as advertised online from Amazon.

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