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In addition to being sold in Golf course pro shops the Titleist Pro V1 can be purchased directly from the Titleist online store, Sports Authority, Target and Gold Warehouse.

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Q: Where can one purchase Titleist Pro V1 golf balls in the US?
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Where could one purchase Titleist Pro V1 golf balls in the UK?

One can purchase Titleist Pro V1 golf balls in the United Kingdom from sports stores such as Nike or Source for Sports. One could also purchase them from the official website, Amazon or eBay.

Where can one purchase Titleist Prov1 golf balls?

There are various places that one can purchase Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. Some of these stores include eBay, Amazon and Golfsmith. The prices vary from one store to the other.

What is the best kind of golf balls?

Titleist Pro V1

What percent of pro golfers use titleist golf balls?

65% or so

What are the different types of golf balls sold by Titleist?

Titleist sells many different types of golf balls. These include the Pro series, the Tour series, the Velocity, and the Titleist DT SoLo. These golf balls feature different designs which cater to different playing styles.

Mike weirs golf balls?

He uses Titleist Pro V 1's.

What is the differences of the pro v1 markings on titleist golf balls?

They could be fake if they look different.

What is the most popular golf ball?

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x are easily the most popular golf balls, used both by amateurs and professionals.

What are the best golf balls?

Titleist PRO V1 or PRO V1x, Callway ix Tour, Bridgestone B330, Srixon Z-Star Tour, personally everything Titleist is #1

Can you Rank the Titleist Golf Balls?

The best Titleist golf balls are the Pro V 1 and Pro V 1 x. Then the NXT Tour and NXT Extreme. Then the PTS carry and PTS Roll. (Known as DT carry and roll in US) There is personal choice in each of these.

What are the most popular golf balls amongst pro golf players?

I have found that there are many brands of golf balls, but some are more desirable than others. The top 3 brands used by pro golf players are Titleist, Nike and Callaway.

Which golf balls have the least amount of roll for fast greens?

The Titleist Pro balls have very little roll but won't do so well in the rough.

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