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Stiga Ping Pong tables can be purchased at almost any big local sports shop. Target and Walmart might also have them on stock but your best bet is to buy them online.

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Q: Where can one purchase Stiga Ping Pong tables?
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Where can a person find STIGA ping pong tables?

STIGA ping pong tables are available to purchase from at multiple retailers and online stores. These include Amazon, Sears and Target along with STIGA's own website.

Where can a person purchase a STIGA brand ping pong paddle?

There are a number of places where one can purchase a STIGA brand ping pong paddle. For instance, Dick's Sporting Goods, Table Tennis, and Amazon all carry the STIGA brand product.

Where can one purchase a Stiga tennis table?

The company Stiga produces professional tennis tables which are also called ping pong tables. Stiga products may be found at sports equipment stores such as Big 5 Sports and Sports Authority. Since they are designed with professional players in mind, they can be quite expensive.

Where could a person buy Stiga Ping Pong products?

A person can buy Stiga Ping Pong Products through online stores such as Amazon, Ebay and Yahoo shopping. Stiga Ping Pong products can also be purchased in stores such as Dick's Sporting Goods and Target.

Where can one purchase Kettler ping pong tables online?

You can purchase Kettler ping pong tables online at websites such as Sears and Amazon. You can also purchase one from personal sellers through websites such as eBay and Craigslist.

Where could one purchase a Kettler ping pong table?

There are many places online in which one can purchase a Kettler ping pong table. Many online retailers such as Amazon will sell Kettler ping pong tables.

Where can one purchase Stiga ping pong paddles?

Stiga ping pong paddles can be purchased individually or in sets through online retailers including Amazaon and the Paddle Palace. Alternatively, second-hand products might be found through online classifieds such as those appearing on eBay.

How much does a ping-pong tablecost?

Ping pong tables range from about $100 to about $2000

What are some of the best deals on ping pong tables- Any ideas?

Ping pong tables or Table Tennis, are very expensive. $1,000.00 is the least amount you will get for a Ping Pong table.

Where can one find ping pong tables for sale?

Someone that is looking to purchase a ping pong table can do so at stores like Walmart, Target or even Canadian Tire. One can also purchase a ping pong table online at Amazon as well as eBay.

Are there different sizes of ping pong tables?


Where can a ping pong machine be purchased?

There are many retail outlets which sell ping pong tables. Canadian Tire, Sears and Walmart each sell ping pong tables. There are many one can choose from with prices varying on retailer.

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