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REI has an offering of select snowboard boots by Burton available for purchase in store and online. These snowboard boots are made available for kids, as well as adults.

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Q: Where can one purchase Burton snowboard boots?
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What products does Burton Ruler produce?

The company Burton Ruler is very well known as a maker of snowboard boots for men, women, boys and girls. Looking around the net, one can see that almost all of the large snowboard related sites and major stores like Amazon sell their snowboard boots. Depending a little on size, model and the store one can purchase a pair of Burton Ruler snowboard boots from about $100-220.

Where can one purchase a Burton Snowboard Bag?

There are a number of options for one who wishes to purchase a Burton Snowboard Bag. These are available from 'The House', Pro Board Shop and the Burton website. One can also find these bags on Amazon or eBay.

From where could one purchase women's snowboard boots?

There are several online websites where one could purchase women's snowboard boots. REI, Overstock, Evo, The House Boardshop and Moosejaw are online sources where women's snowboard boots are for sale.

From where can one purchase cheap snowboard boots?

One can purchase lost cost snowboard boots from websites such as Overstock or The-House. It would be helpful to research the subject to insure that proper fitting boots are purchased or problems can arise.

Where can an individual purchase a Burton dominant snowboard?

One can purchase a Burton Dominant Snowboard from all good winter sports stores, such as Pro Board Shop. Alternatively, one can buy this snowboard from webpage stores such as The Good Ride, Dog Funk and Ebay, for example.

Where can one purchase a Burton Blunt snowboard?

One can purchase a Burton Blunt snowboard from many different locations that specialize in sporting goods. These places include stores such as Sports Authority, Olympia Sports, or Modell's Sporting Goods.

Where can one purchase Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings?

The best place to purchase Burton custom snowboard bindings is at a local sporting goods retail store such as REI. If one is willing to buy online, the Burton website would be a good place to start as these bindings are sold there as well.

Where could one find Salomon snowboard boots?

You can purchase Salomon snowboard boots online at the official Salomon website. You can also purchase them from personal sellers on Craigslist and eBay for below market price.

Where can one purchase Burton Mission bindings?

One could purchase Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings on the Burton website or on Amazon. One could probably also find them at a local sports shop in your local area.

Where would one be able to purchase a Burton Vapor snowboard?

There are many online websites that sell Burton Vapor snowboards. The best website that you should purchase from would be the official website called Burton.

What types of products are available for purchase at DC Snowboard?

Dc Snowboard is a subsidary of DC Shoes. One can purchase all types of shoes, clothing, outwear, snowboards, snowboard boots, for men, woman and kids.