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One can purchase BCS national championship tickets in a number of different places. The company Ticket Me sells many different tickets to sporting events.

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Q: Where can one purchase BCS national championship tickets?
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Where can one purchase tickets for the 2014 BCS National Championship Bowl game?

A person looking to purchase tickets to the BCS National Championship Bowl game can find these tickets at a number of websites. Some of these websites include StubHub, TicketCity, and Ticket Liquidator.

What is the face value of BCS National Championship game tickets?


Where can one purchase BCS Championship tickets?

BCS Championship tickets can be purchased online at StubHub, TicketMaster, CheapTickets and FrontRowTickets. TicketMaster retail locations and store kiosks also have tickets and ticket packages available.

What college won the first BCS national championship?

LSU won the first BCS National Championship.

What does the BCS stand for in the BCS national championship game?

It stands for Bowl championship series.

What is the BCS national championship game called on ncaa football 12?

"The BCS National Championship Game, presented by Allstate."

What was the venue of the 2012 BCS National Championship Game?

The venue of the 2012 BCS National Championship Game was Pasadena, California.

What does BCS national championship stand for?

Bowl championship Series

What does BCS stand for national championship?

Bowl Championship Series

Where will there 2011 Bcs National Championship Game be?


What is the BCS national championship trophy made of?


Has there ever been a shared bcs national champion?

No, the BCS is decided by a single game, the winner is the champion. However, there has been a shared National Championship since the BCS began. LSU won the BCS national title game in 2003, but the AP granted the National Championship to USC.

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