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You can post a soccer goal as a personal auction on the website eBay. You can also list it for sale locally at the Craigslist website with your contact information so people can get a hold of you if they're looking to purchase.

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Q: Where can one list soccer goals for sale?
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How many goals are there on a soccer field?

2 Two soccer goals are located on one soccer feild. One at each end of the pitch.

What is one of the soccer goals commonly featured on lists of the top 10 goals in soccer history?

There are many great goals in soccer history. One goal that is commonly featured on the top 10 goals in soccer history is Argentina's Diego Maradona's goal against England.

What is the most goals a kid has scored in one soccer game?

I have socorred 17 goals in a single soccer game

Who scored 1000 goals in soccer?

no one

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One can list their Philadelphia home for sale one the website Realtor. Trulia and Zip Realty also allow one to list their home's for sale in Philadelphia.

In soccer what is it called when one team has no goals?

Their score is nil

Where can one see the best soccer goals ever?

One can see the best soccer goals ever by watching on video websites such as Dailymotion and YouTube. Alternatively, one can purchase a video highlights package of this.

Most goals scored in soccer by a player in an individual game?

Ali Daie from the Iranian National soccer team He scored 23 goals in one match

Where can one list a printer for sale?

One can list a printer for sale on websites such as Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist. One might also list a printer for sale locally in a newspaper, either print or online, or in a swap shop, if one is available locally.

How may goals are there in soccer?

2, one at each end of the pitch...

What is a httrick in soccer match?

Three goals by one player in a game.

What is the world record for most goals in one game of soccer?


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